Support for the Human Rights Film Directory

The Human Rights Film Directory has been made possible by a combination of private and public funding.

University of Washington President's Office

In 1998 a Tools for Transformation Fund award was made to establish the Human Rights Education and Research Network, a new program to promote the integration of scholarship and teaching at the University's three campuses. $20,000 was set aside for library materials, a large percentage of which was used to acquire human rights videos for the Media Collections on the three campuses. This initiative also led to the establishment of the Tri-Campus Minor in Human Rights in 2001. The idea of a special human rights film database developed during discussions with faculty concerning curriculum resources.

The Glaser Progress Foundation

In 2001, The Glaser Progress Foundation provided the initial grant to begin the creation of the Human Rights Film Directory. With this crucial support we were able to design the database, purchase key human rights videos and begin the task of populating the database with film reviews.

University of Washington Libraries

In 2002 the Libraries established permanent budget lines for the acquisition of materials on human rights issues, including media materials. The Libraries continues to provide support staff for the Human Rights Film Directory.

J. Eleanor Pearson Endowed Library Fund for Human Rights

In 2002 this endowment was established to support acquisitions, special projects and other initiatives designed to build human rights resources in the Libraries. The fund will be used in part to continue the development of the Human Rights Film Directory.