Retrospective Conversion Project

The purpose of the retrospective conversion project is to make the Regional Index, now mostly in card file format, accessible online. In order to best serve our patrons during the conversion process we have focused on citations in specific subject areas according to the research priorities of our patrons. These subject areas are listed in the table below. PLEASE NOTE: There are also tens of thousands of citations accessible online from sources outside the card file. These include citations from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1/1997-6/30/2001), the Seattle Weekly (1/1997-8/30/2006), pamphlets and other ephemera.

Subject Areas Converted
University of Washington [and all subheadings]

Seattle (Wash.) [and all subheadings]

Indians of North America [and all subheadings, names of tribes, prominent individuals, etc.]

Lewis and Clark Expedition [and all related subject headings: names of individual members, trails, monuments, exhibitions, etc.]

National parks and reserves[incl. Mt. Rainier, North Cascades, Olympic, National forests, Wilderness areas, etc.]

Klondike River Valley (Yukon) - Gold discoveries

Saint Helens, Mount (Wash.)

Rainier, Mount (Wash.)

Minority groups [incl. African Americans, Asian Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans, Mexican Americans, Latin Americans]

Protest movements [incl. Students for a Democratic Society, Seattle Liberation Front, Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975 - Protest movements]

Labor [incl. Labor unions, Labor history, Strikes and lockouts, IWW, Centralia and Everett massacres, Seattle General Strike, etc.]

last updated: April 12, 2012