Preface to the name index

Hundreds of names are scattered throughout the 385 volumes of this set (for further explanation, please check the "Special Collections" section of the Korean Studies Page). Without a name index, it would be an extremely time-consuming task to locate the case of any particular individual. A project to compile a comprehensive name index was launched in 1997 with the encouragement of Ms. Linda J. Gould, Associate Director for the Library Collections, University of Washington Libraries, and Dr. Min-chih Chou, Head, the East Asia Library, University of Washington.

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their valuable contributions to this project. Mr. Seung B. Kye, a graduate student at the University of Washington, used his excellent knowledge of Korean history to identify names in this very difficult materials to work with, and he worked tirelessly to input these names into the database. Ms. Kim, Leah and other staff of the East Asia Library at the University of Washington worked many hours to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Mr. Bill Jordan, the systems librarian of the University of Washington Libraries, refined these data, placed them on the web site, and linked them to the Korean Studies home page.

Yoon-whan Choe
Assistant Head/Korea Librarian
East Asia Library
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-3527

February 9, 1998

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