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Multicultural Childrens' Libterature

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The Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults Database

Multicultural books for children and young adults are an invaluable resource for teaching about diversity. They serve as wonderful resources for helping students at all levels develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to be effective citizens in a pluralistic society.

When we began this project, there wasn't a current or reliable database for searching for multicultural children's literature. To fill this need, we created a database that we hope will be utilized by a wide range of faculty, students and librarians.

We would like to thank the Worthington Foundation for its generous financial support.

We would also like to thank the University of Washington Libraries for hosting the database and to Jake White, Armin Liedtke and Lisa Euster for their technical support.

Project Coordinators:

Cherry Banks, Professor & Interim Director, Education Program, UW Bothell
Nancy Place, Associate Professor, Education Program, UW Bothell
Venta Silins, Librarian, Campus Library, UW Bothell

Comments, suggestions, or questions about the Multicultural Childrens' Literature Database may be directed to Venta Silins at

Featured Book:

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters cover - click for book information